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Servicess About me

I opened up relatively late in life and I've been developing my gift for the last 12 years as a psychic and medium. I use tarot intuitively and Lenormand card systems. I've sat in several medium circles over the years. I've studied with Lee Van Zyl of the Monclair Psychic School and Sharon Anne Klingler at Lillydale Assumbly. I have also served spirit as a trance medium and studied with Audey Wiley of the Woodlands Foundation in Australia and New Zealand. I am also a Reiki Master with training at the Reiki North East school.

In the last few years, I started working as a Spirit Artist after I found it was easier to draw who I was seeing rather than explaining it. My background as an artist and designer serves spirit as well.

I also work as an Art Director and Creative Director.